Veloxity Automated Rules

Human time is valuable. Let Veloxity automate the automatable so you can focus on sales and service.

Veloxity never gets tired. Let it do the heavy lifting.

Automate. Automate. Automate.

Automated Lead Assignment

Leads flow in, sometimes thousands a day. Assigning them should be automated and fast ensuring the proper person is following up in a timely manner so your prospects know you care about them.

  • Extend lead attributes as much as needed to enable automated assignment
  • Creates rules with zero code to route leads to the proper sales territory rep based on lead data
  • Or you can use our round robin method to cycle assignment to the “next up” sales rep

Automated Owner Assignment

  • Leads, Accounts and Opps have Owners
  • Assigning Ownership of records is easy with Veloxity
  • Easy to create, zero code rules enable advanced determination of the proper Owner

Rules Ala Carte

We don’t stop with Leads and Owner Assignment. You can easily create Rules with unprecedented power with our integrated Rule builder and associated actions.

  • Create Rules with zero code that act as an “IF” statement
  • When the rule is true, one or more actions are defined to then do something
  • Example actions include things like updating field values, rejecting a record save, sending and email template or scheduling a future event
  • A rule also can invoke a webhook endpoint giving you ultimate flexibility