Pricing & Features

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Core Features

We don’t believe in forcing you into expensive plans to get a single feature you want. We’ve packed our base edition with leading features, and then allow ala carte addition of add-ons so you get only what you need. This keeps your costs significantly lower than other comparable solutions.

Veloxity enables tracking from leads to opportunities. Don’t want to work with leads and want to work just with opps? No problem! We support that too.

From your opp you can easily assign contact roles for that specific opp so the sale team can quickly identify the key players.

Veloxity also manages your accounts when in Business to Business mode. In Business to Consumer mode, Accounts are not needed and you can deal with Contacts directly. Veloxity also enables you to work in dual mode where you identify your leads as B to B or B to C and the system adjusts its behavior accordingly.

Veloxity is your single communication hub for your sales reps. Veloxity has an Inbox where all emails related to client and prospect interactions are shown. From there emails can be forwarded, replied to, etc. The Inbox works with both Google’s Gmail and MS Outlook.

Veloxity also has an integrated Calendar which syncs with either Google or Outlook calendars. Right within Veloxity you can easily schedule calls, meetings, webinars and to-do’s on the integrated calendar since you can see your open time slots.

Whether you use Zoom, Teams, Meet or GoToMeeting, we have you covered there too. You can do all your webinar scheduling within Veloxity and it takes care of the setup in your preferred tool as well as sending the calendar invitation to the attendees.

Working on the road? Veloxity is accessible right from your favorite smart phone with easy access to the features you need for searching, viewing and interacting with your Account, Opportunity, Lead and Contact data.

Veloxity has comprehensive Lead tracking including quick visual indicators of your cold, warm and hot leads. Leads can easily be added to the system from external applications, or auto created by the system via a marketing campaign managed within Veloxity.

Veloxity also has a guided sales process that you define enabling you to specify the stages a lead goes through and the expected check off’s at each stage before a lead can move the the next stage. Once a lead is qualified a single click converts the lead to an opp and creates and links all the related records.

Veloxity’s powerful lead assignment rules make it easy to have Veloxity do the heavy lifting and auto-assign leads to the proper sales person where it shows in their hub view so they can attend to it immediately.

Veloxity makes managing your sales organization easier than ever. You can import it from a spreadsheet and then visualize it with the industry best view of the sales divisions and the owners of each division in a hierarchy.

Assigning quotas to each sales division is straightforward and visual since you work right from our hierarchical view of the company sales structure. But the real sizzle is when you start tracking your opps and the sales division comes alive with rich, At-a-glance visuals so managers can quickly see how their team is performing against quota for the selected forecasting period.

Veloxity’s pushes the concept of a no-code / low-code platform with its leading Rules engine. Complex Rules can easily be created by non-technical admins to control system behavior through our built-in and extendible actions.

With the Platform Expansion add-on you can do even more. Want to send an email template to new leads right away? Easy, But what about then following up with different templates on days 1, 2 and 3 after the leads arrives? Just as easy with Veloxity Rules. What if you want to send different emails to a contact depending on their revenue spend with your company? That’s easy to do as well. You can also easily enforce business rules by rejecting changes that don’t comply with expected policies.

Veloxity enables easy creation of products and their related attributes. These can then be used in professional quotes that you can generate right within Veloxity from any opp.

You can also create product bundles that enable you to group products together into a named bundle and offer special pricing for the bundle. This also makes adding numerous products that are commonly ordered together into a quote in a one step operation instead of picking each product separately.

Full Feature List

  • Lead Management
  • Lead Assignment and Routing
  • Web-to-Lead Capture
  • Mass Email
  • Campaign Management
  • Professional Email Templates
  • Lead Registration
  • Custom Lead Fields
  • Account and Contact Management
  • Opportunity Management
  • Customizable and guided Sales Process
  • Task Management, Activity Feed
  • Business to Consumer Support
  • Custom Account and Contact Fields
  • The only interactive timeline in the CRM space improving sales rep efficiency.
  • Industry best search
  • Search across hierarchies of data with ease
  • Create a chart of any resulting search result table
  • Industry best table editing. Edit multiple rows and/or columns in a single operation
  • Collaborative Forecasting
  • Custom Opportunity Fields in Forecasting
  • Enterprise Territory Management
  • Integrated Quote Maker
  • Add from product catalog
  • Add individual Products and/or Bundless
  • Add custom line items to the quote
  • Easily add line item or whole quote discount as percentages or fixed amounts
  • Customizable Reports and Dashboards
  • Advanced Reporting Features
  • Innovative Sales Division View
  • File sharing
  • Integrated Chat
  • Only system with real time data updates. If someone edits the record or table of records you are viewing your view will update automatically.
  • Extend your custom fields without limitations
  • For each data type (eg. Contact) easily create WYSIWYG visuals by role
  • Unlimited Rules can be created to enforce your business needs
  • The Hub is the most efficient sales interface ever created
  • The Veloxity Kanban is super charged to make efficiency even faster
  • Sales divisions view provides unprecedented insights into current and future performance of your sales teams


Our add-ons add more power to make Veloxity fulfill all your CRM needs. Add-ons can be purchased from the billing area after logging in.

Marketing Automation
$400 $475
per 2000 contacts
per month

Power up your email marketing with laser targeted campaigns. Create beautiful templates in Veloxity and perform A/B testing on them. View the campaign dashboards to easily see overall performance.

Platform Expansion
$40 $40
per user
per month

Witness the full power of the world’s most powerful and fully operational platform. Add unlimited data types, configure unlimited groups, fields, layouts, dashboards and more. Power up your app with unlimited Webhooks. Create zero code Rules to drive behavior now or scheduled in the future.