The New Force in CRM

Our CRM platform combines the simplicity of entry level CRM’s with the power of the leading platforms while introducing the most efficient user experience available. Use our totally FREE Edition today and see the difference.

Automating Your Business Processes Has Never Been Easier

Veloxity’s sentence-based Rules Engine lets you automate common and repetitive tasks just by filling in the blanks. Score your leads, assign work, send scheduled emails — the rules engine can do it for you, plus more.

Why Veloxity?

Veloxity was designed by machine learning and sales veterans. Their ambitious goal was to make the most efficient, intelligent and automated sales and marketing tool available and to build it all on an extendible platform that can be easily adapted to your specific needs. The vision has been realized and is available today and at lower costs than other solutions. Now’s the time to give your sales reps an unfair advantage over the competition.

The most productive sales and marketing organizations
use Veloxity CRM

Less Clicks. Information Rich Visuals. Automation. System Intelligence.

Veloxity’s at-a-glance charts provide quick insights into sales pipelines and forecasts

Veloxity provides innovative charts for quick insights into your sales activities. Just as important is that these charts enable direct interaction to perform your most frequent sales and management activities so you can both see important information and take actions on that data from the same interface. The days of clicking through endless menus and screens are gone with Veloxity.

A future proofed platform

There are many CRM softwares, but few are platforms enabling personalization to your specific needs. Veloxity was developed over 10+ years as a robust, scalable platform that can extend its functionality to your CRM requirements and well beyond into other business functions.

For small to medium businesses or global sales organizations

Veloxity’s out of the box features enable a “sign up and go” approach for small and medium sized businesses. Veloxity uniquely also supports both Business to Business and Business to Consumer as well as companies that do both, so whether your firm is looking for a CRM for small to medium businesses, or is a large corporation, Veloxity can address all your needs.

What our customers say

Sapio Sciences is a leading provider of laboratory information management systems, electronic lab notebooks, and knowledge management systems, specifically for the life sciences industry. See how Sapio Sciences uses Veloxity CRM to organize their efforts and sales pipeline to ensure they’re doing the correct things to keep companies moving through their pipeline to a close.

20/15 Visioneers is a scientific and technology management consulting company who also provide scientific marketing and professional staffing services. Using Veloxity CRM’s strong informatics features, they are able to use their past CRM data to make secondary and tertiary decisions, adding more value to the sales data they’re tracking.

Links Asset Trust partners with private clubs to improve the member experience and increase overall efficiency and profitability.  Prior to using Veloxity CRM, each club independently worked their own prospect list and sales leads. Getting all of the clubs onto the Veloxity CRM platform has brought time-saving organization and insights into their overall sales operations.

Let your sales organization shine

Easy to implement, use, and grow

Designed by sales and interface design experts, Veloxity is ready to go out of the box so that adoption is quick and you can get immediate insights into your business.

Sell at the speed of Veloxity

Veloxity’s main objectives are to increase sales, improve customer satisfaction, decrease sales cycle times, provide insights into past and future revenue projections, and find the most effective sales process for your products and services.