The most productive sales organizations use Veloxity CRM

Our CRM platform was designed to be easy to use while incorporating powerful features to meet the needs of any business.

Veloxity’s at-a-glance charts give quick insights into pipelines and forecasts

Veloxity provides the CRM industry's most innovative charts for quick insights into your company’s sales activities. In an instant you can visualize how each account manager or territory is doing in one intuitive interface.

Veloxity: A CRM that Learns

Founded by machine learning experts, Veloxity uniquely was created to learn from your data and get smarter over time. The more data it's fed, the greater Veloxity's value to your organization through improved forecasting and more informed selling of your products and services.

A future proofed platform

There are many CRMs, but few are platforms enabling personalization  to your specific needs. Veloxity was developed over 10+ years as a robust, scalable platform that can extend its functionality to your CRM requirements and well beyond into other business functions.

For small to medium businesses or global sales organizations

Veloxity’s out of the box features enable a “sign up and go” approach for small and medium sized businesses. Veloxity not only scales to handle large data volumes and concurrent users, but incorporates unprecedented tracking and insights for large sales organizations. Veloxity also supports both B to B and B to C as well as dual-mode companies, so whether your firm is an SMB or a multi-national operation, Veloxity can address all your needs.

A CRM platform used around the world

Let your sales organization shine

Easy to implement, use, and grow

Designed by sales and interface design experts, Veloxity is ready to go out of the box so that adoption is quick and you can get immediate insights into your business.

Sell at the speed of Veloxity

Veloxity's main objectives are to increase sales, improve customer satisfaction, decrease sales cycle times, provide insights into past and future revenue projections, and find the most effective sales process for your products and services.