Veloxity CRM is the Best CRM Software

Veloxity CRM system enables your sales team to be more effective at closing business with the leading combination of ease of use, efficiency, power and cost effectiveness in Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software.

What is CRM Software?

While there are many customer relationship management CRM Systems, the basic features of these CRM software systems include the following:

  • Lead Management – Assign leads to the proper sales rep and track the lead qualification process and all communications with the prospect.
  • Opportunity Management – Track your qualified leads through the sales process towards closing.
  • Forecast Management – Assign Quotas and Track progress with sales CRM Forecasting.

More advanced CRM Tools will also enable the following capabilities:

  • Automated Lead Routing
  • Advanced Lead Scoring
  • Sophisticated Marketing Campaigns and Dashboards
  • Product Management
  • Quoting
  • B2B and B2C support

Yet more advanced CRM Software Tools offer the following features:

  • Fully configurable data model so you can track whatever data you want for your business.
  • Machine learning adjustment of forecasting data.
  • Configurable CRM dashboard for tracking sales and marketing data.
  • Configurable data views so each role gets a custom view of the data relevant for their role.
  • Advanced permissions controls on data and features.
  • Rules engine for automation of many tasks such as lead routing, ownership assignment and business rules enforcement.

What’s critical is not only the features but importantly the ease of use of the system.  The ideal CRM software enables rapid uptake and ease of use by its users while making them into sales machines that are quickly qualifying and converting your leads into happy customers.  This should all be accomplishable at a cost effective price so your CRM isn’t creating a financial burden every year that reduces its ROI for your organization.

Salespeople need an easy-to-use Sales CRM Solution, not a clicktastic app

Veloxity Hub, along with other innovations, makes it the most efficient CRM available.

  • The Veloxity Hub makes hyper efficiency of your salespeople the norm. Unprecedented insights…click less…sell more. Easily see your leads and opps happenings all in one place.
  • Sophisticated Lead and Opp Management in a single, easy to use view along with guided sales steps for each sales stage.
  • See the latest news for each of your leads and opps right in the Hub.
  • Take actions right from the Hub for emailing, calling, setting up a webinar or taking notes about your target businesses solution needs and more.
Screenshot of the innovative Hub view within Veloxity CRM software.
Screenshot showing configuration of a no-code rule within Veloxity CRM software.

What’s better than 10 effective salespeople?  5 Effective salespeople and Veloxity machine intelligence that makes them as effective as 10.

Do more with less with Veloxity’s efficient interface and automation increasing your payback on the CRM software 10-fold.

  • Salespeople aren’t inexpensive. So ideally you can make the ones you have more effective and able to provide more coverage reducing your staffing needs.
  • Veloxity enables hyper efficiency from the feet on the street sales reps to management saving you time and money while making your CRM ROI explode.
  • Veloxity automation enables automated, configurable follow-ups so your reps can focus on selling and let the CRM Solution take care of the standard blocking and tackling.
  • The system can tell you what to do next. Stop digging thru emails and the CRM for each account to determine what you should focus on next.

Bring Unprecedent Clarity to your Sales Data

Veloxity has innovated on the Sales Quota and Forecasting view so understanding how each sales division is performing against Quota is Instantly Clear.  Now managers are hyper efficient too.

  • Veloxity’s Sales Division view provides at-a-glance insights into how each sales division is performing including their actual and forecasted progress.
  • Use Veloxity’s industry best searching to get tabular results of your sales CRM data and then easily create custom dashboards on the fly from the tabular data.
  • Veloxity CRM Software also brings the sales pipeline to life from the usual boring sales CRM software pipeline views. Not only can you see opps at each stage, but you can also take actions right there to interact with each prospect quickly and efficiently as well as see their timeline of key customer interactions.
Screenshot of the instantly-clear forecasts and quotas within the sales territory view of Veloxity CRM software.