Veloxity Sales Forecasts

Veloxity applies Machine Intelligence to improve forecast accuracy based on historic trends.

Let Veloxity Augment your Forecasting

Automated Forecast Adjustment. Visually Rich Interpretation. Easy Administration.

Veloxity Dynamic Learning

Veloxity adjusts its predictions over time to make your forecasts more accurate. This increases your confidence in planning your send based on future sales.

  • The more data you have, the smarter Veloxity gets
  • Sales Stages will have a historic correlation with winning deals
  • Forecast numbers are adjusted accordingly

Rapid Insights into Sales Performance

  • Quickly and easily view each territory results
  • Territory images make it easy to see territory owners
  • Chart shows goal, actual and actual + forecasted performance
  • Easily cycle through prior, current and future forecast periods
  • Can also switch to tabular views at any time
  • View opps for any sales division right from the forecast view

Define the Territories

  • Easy to setup territory and reporting structure
  • Can easily import territory definitions
  • Set quotas from same view in minutes
  • If things change our built in functions make it easy to shift around territories as needed
  • Can manage multiple sales territory hierarchies if needed