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Veloxity Updates April 2021

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April 30, 2021
Elizabeth Dubin

What is Marketing Automation?

Marketing Automation helps you target prospects and customers with personalized marketing campaigns. By leveraging the data in your CRM system using marketing automation software, you can run more effective and efficient campaigns, and increase consumer engagement which drives higher profits.

Use marketing automation to easily create and schedule Email Blasts, A/B Testing, and Drip Campaigns.

A screenshot of the possible email campaign features within Veloxity, a leading new CRM for consulting firms.

Create Email Blasts

You can now create, schedule, and track Email Blasts in Veloxity.

Email Blasts, also known as Eblasts, allow you to send an email to large distribution lists at the click of a button. Follow along on the campaign dashboard and watch in real-time as recipients open and click links in your email.

Set up A/B Testing

Easily set up A/B Testing on your Marketing Campaigns within Veloxity.

A/B Testing, also known as Split Testing, creates two variations of one campaign. Select the percentage of campaign users you’d like to target. Half of these users will receive Email A and the other half will receive Email B. After a specified period of time, the version which received the most clicks or has the highest open rate is the winner. The winning version is released to the rest of the campaign contacts.

Design Drip Campaigns

Create, schedule, and monitor drip campaigns using Marketing Automation in Veloxity.

Drip Campaigns are a communication strategy enabling you to send predefined emails, or “drips” of communication, to your customers or prospects over a set period of time. Drip campaigns help you personalize your campaigns by sending different email templates based on users’ actions. For example, a recipient who opens the email might receive a different follow-up email than the recipient who does not open the email.

View Dynamic Campaign Dashboards

Veloxity performs all the analytics and data processing in app instead of relying on a third-party provider.

Image of marketing campaign dashboard showing charts and graphs. The charts and graphs measure campaign data such as open rate per test group, unique link clicks, open email counts by day, opens per test group. contact count, open rate, click rate, error count.

Try the New Template Builder

We’ve updated our template builder. You can now create sophisticated email templates inside CRM.

  • Add a background image, color, or gradient
  • Layer images and text on the background
  • Design your template with multiple sections and columns
  • Add preformatted footers and logos
  • Easily design and insert buttons
  • Select mobile view or computer view to visualize your templates on different devices

Veloxity CRM is a leading provider of Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software enabling you to manage your sales organization, products, and customer data. Veloxity CRM offers best-in-class usability with its innovative Hub, Kanban views, and more such as graphical Sales Division Management, Automated Lead Routing, and Intelligent Forecasting, all reachable through Veloxity’s intuitive, responsive, web-based user interface. Veloxity is a platform that can be tailored to your particular business needs and is suitable for both B2C and B2B businesses. More information about Veloxity CRM is available at www.veloxity.com