Veloxity CRM is the Best CRM in Pharmaceutical Industry

Veloxity Healthcare CRM software enables your sales, services and marketing teams to be more effective at targeting and supporting the relationship with providers and physicians to increase sales and while providing excellent service.

What is CRM in Pharmaceutical Industry?

While there are many customer relationship management CRM Systems, very few have out-of-the-box features addressing the specific needs of pharmaceutical companies.  Pharmaceutical CRM software will enable your organization to increase sales and margins by managing and integrating all your touchpoints of contact that pharmaceutical companies have with providers.  A proper CRM in the pharmaceutical industry should provide all the following functions:

  • Lead Management – Track and manage leads including automated lead assignment to the proper sales rep and track the lead qualification process and all communications with the prospect.
  • Opportunity Management – Track your qualified leads through the sales process towards onboarding physicians.
  • Forecast Management – Assign Quotas and Track progress with Pharma Sales CRM Forecasting with support for recurring forecasts that are more appropriate for pharmaceutical companies’ recurring sales models versus “one and done” sales CRM’s usual approach to opportunity management.
  • HIPAA compliance with proper access controls and audit trails.

More advanced CRM Pharmaceuticals Software Tools offer the following features:

  • Marketing automation which can automate all activities related to marketing and promotion of pharma CRM solutions.
  • Fully configurable CRM software so you can track whatever data you want for your business.  No two pharmaceutical companies track the same data points, so you need to be able to easily configure the CRM software to match your own requirements.
  • Machine learning intelligence for things like adjustment of forecasting data to predict future revenues more accurately and automatically score leads.
  • Configurable CRM dashboards for tracking sales and marketing data.
  • Configurable data views so each role gets a custom view of the data relevant for their role.
  • Advanced permissions controls on data and features.
  • Automation of many tasks such as email follow-ups, lead routing, lead and opp ownership assignment, and business rules.

What is critical is not only the features but importantly the ease of use of the system.  The ideal Pharma CRM software enables rapid uptake and ease of use by its users while making them into sales machines that are quickly qualifying and converting your leads into happy customers.  This should all be accomplishable at a cost-effective price, so your CRM is not creating a financial burden every year that reduces its ROI for your organization.

What are the benefits of CRM in Pharmaceutical Industry?

Veloxity CRM enables your sales reps and service teams to take excellent care of your customers.

  • Create a strong connection with customers. With a machine learning and automation layer on top of the data in the system, the system itself will take care of many activities related to engagement with customers, but the CRM software’s data repository also enables advanced insights into the current status of each customer as well as the engagement history with them.
  • With high levels of automation, your sales and support teams can be much more efficient in their activities meaning they can spend more time selling instead of digging to find information. This means your customers will find your agents more informed and trust them and your solutions more.
  • Enables workers from any location to have access to the key information they need to engage with customers and maintain their relationships.
  • Veloxity Sales CRM enables analytics so you can easily find, visualize and mine the data you are collecting to drive your pharmaceutical company CRM strategy to sales and service.
A screenshot of the Veloxity Pharmaceutical Industry CRM platform with a central hub to make everything easier.
A screenshot of the Veloxity Pharmaceutical Industry CRM platform with an audit log to make everything easier.

Compliance is critical for your Protected Healthcare Information.

Veloxity is HIPAA compliant enabling you to have peace of mind.

  • Veloxity has a complete audit trail of all before and after values in the system.
  • Data record and field level access can be configured by role to ensure people can only access the information they need to perform their job.
  • All your data is stored in encrypted devices and is encrypted in transit as well.

Hypercharge your Client Services Function

Veloxity understands the needs of pharmaceutical CRM’s and their support function and have built that knowledge into our CRM in pharmaceutical industry.

  • Easily see all interactions with providers with our industry best interactive timeline view.
  • Quickly set up web meetings using our integration with leading web technologies.
  • Schedule any activity and see it on your calendar and optionally the customer can receive calendar invitations as well.
  • Chat with providers as they visit your website directly from within Veloxity’s Pharma CRM.
  • Veloxity’s pharmaceutical CRM’s best-in-class search means that your support staff can easily find all the relevant information quickly that pertains to an inquiry and provide quick answers to questions improving your customer’s satisfaction working with your pharmaceutical company.

A screenshot of the Veloxity Drug CRM platform with a timeline to make everything easier.

Choose Veloxity as your CRM in Pharmaceutical Industries.