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Guide to Implementing Hotel CRM Software

Improve your customer experience with Veloxity and their Hotel CRM Software
November 01, 2021
CRM Advisor

Customer relationship management (CRM) is a software tool that helps businesses gain and maintain customer loyalty through various marketing, sales, and customer service features. 

Is your hotel using customer relationship management software?

In this post, we’ll discuss the Hotel CRM Software and how various CRM solutions and tools can help you build and grow your hotel business—whether you run a small guest house or manage a regional chain of hotels.

Customer Analytics & the Hotel Industry

CRM in hotels is currently a significant component in managing the industry’s issues and the demands of an evolving digital client. Hotel sales and marketing departments are finding it very difficult to follow up with consumers through their cycle, i.e. the traveler’s trip.

This is owing to the massive amounts of data collected in a short time and the diversity and dispersion of customers’ points of interaction with the hotel. It is critical to understand this cycle to maximize connections and increase client conversion and loyalty potential.

The challenge for hotels is to analyze and study each customer’s interaction with the hotel after, during, and before their stay. For the customer, any engagement through any channel is an experience. And it is this experience that determines their contentment and commitment to your brand.

Measures That Your Hotel Must Take to Successfully Deploy a CRM Project.

A Philosophical Change

First and foremost, if you operate in hotel marketing or sales, you should support a shift in mindset. Dealing with a CRM at your hotel implies you are betting on a direct relationship with your guests.

This isn’t just about incorporating a technology instrument. It entails altering your work style to create user-centric business models that are centred on your clients. Although their value isn’t shown in the balance sheets, your clients are your hotel’s most significant commercial assets.

Traditional management concentrates on services and products, and if a CRM isn’t used, it might lead to tactics that aren’t focused on the main goal: high-quality guest experiences.

SMART Objectives

SMART objectives define each team’s priorities, make the firm’s results measurable, and function as a roadmap for the company’s expansion. The abbreviation for the SMART characteristic refers to the five key traits that each target must have to be called intelligent.

  • Specific
  • Measurable
  • Attainable
  • Relevant
  • Timely

Integration of Data

The hotel industry tends to collect and analyze guest data in silos. Before implementing a CRM, we recommend spending some time investigating, collecting, and organizing that data before you can merge it all into a CRM system.

Once all of your client records are in one place, start using intelligent marketing features, such as campaign segmentation and automation.

In the hospitality industry, there are four ways a hotel CRM can help your business:

#1: Improve the Customer’s Experience with a Hotel CRM Software

Guest satisfaction helps a hotel thrive. Customers dissatisfied with the hotel will never return and will share their negative experiences with the rest of the world through reviews and social media.

A hotel CRM system is designed to improve customer satisfaction. Hotels can easily maintain and access their past client data at any time with a CRM solution. By having every record of a customer’s interaction, hotel staff can more easily anticipate a customer’s needs and provide faster and more personalized solutions for any issues they have.

#2: Creates a Centralized Hub

Client relationship management software collects and organizes pertinent customer data (financial, conversational, historical) into a single hub. Customers can be segregated and grouped according to a customer’s demographics and behaviour.

Thanks to this unified database, sales agents and other hotel personnel can access any client account information to check historical records as needed.

#3: Allows Evaluation of Consumer Data

Whether it’s emails, stay records, guest feedback, on-site transactions, or other types of consumer information, the hotel sector has a lot of data to use. While gathering and organizing this key data is critical to a hotel’s performance, its true worth resides in a CRM user’s ability to easily collect and analyze this data. 

#4: Encourage Loyalty with Hotel CRM Software

No matter how many prospects and clients you have, hotel CRM software provides you with the knowledge and tools needed to manage your client information. You can then use helpful marketing automation strategies to target these clients and prospects by exploiting the above indicators. With this lies the capacity to tailor sales and marketing campaigns, promoting consumer loyalty and retention.

Final thoughts on Hotel CRM Software

If you’re a hotel manager who wants to gain more insight into your guest experience, a CRM can provide invaluable insight into your customers. A CRM is also equipped with the tools to improve your sales and marketing tactics, which can lower your costs and increase your ROI. Lastly, a CRM makes your data accessible, which can lead to an increase in customer loyalty and satisfaction.